FREE 365 Affirmations to keep Positive!

<span style=”color: #c24641; font-family: ‘Myriad Pro Light’; font-size: medium;”><strong>STAYING MOTIVATED IN TODAY’S ECONOMICAL CLIMATE

A Positive Statement for each Day of the Year</strong></span>
<span style=”color: #7f5217; font-family: ‘Myriad Pro’; font-size: small;”>It is easy for everyone to simply tell you to stay motivate, keep positive, put a smile on your face and all that, but sometimes it is just not that easy. And over the past few months here in Brisbane Australia, if anyone has been listening to world news, we have had it pretty bad. But the worst thing is that not only me, but I’m hearing of businesses that are literally falling apart because of the domino effect that it has created. And it is not just poor old Brisbane, we have had the New Zealand and Japan earthquake. What is happening?It is not much, but I have put together some affirmations for you to get motivated and stay positive. I also have 200 of them recorded with music, so if you want the audio just send me an email or <a href=””></a&gt; with AFFIRMATION AUDIO in the subject box. Please enjoy!</span>
<span style=”color: #7f5217; font-family: ‘Myriad Pro’; font-size: small;”><span style=”color: #c24641; font-family: ‘Myriad Pro Light’; font-size: medium;”><strong>I define a goal with intention and a sense of purpose.</strong></span>
<span style=”color: #c24641; font-family: ‘Myriad Pro Light’; font-size: medium;”><strong>I am in control of my own destiny therefore I choose goals that align to my dreams and desires.
I give thanks for all the help from multiple sources for achieving all my dreams and desires.
I am well prepared and plan to succeed. I believe I am a success therefore I am.
I feel the flow of the wealth that surrounds the world.
There is more than enough and I believe there is more than enough for me.
Money is only energy and this energy flows to me easily. I believe this to be true for me and so it is.
I am balanced in mind, body and in spirit and this balance energize me to achieve all my dreams and desires.


About Queenie Lang

At Queenie Lang, our mission is to . . . Provide free and simple, affordable and practical concepts for a self improved lifestyle and re accuring income from multipul streams. Develops a means for the momentum of motivation and inspired achievements so every person one by one can share a successful outcomes with at least three others. Resulting in a “better place” in which to live, a healthy lifestyle and total financial freedom. You will find at Queenie Lang free publications that inspire and motivate, affordable individual lifestyle products that will be practical for personal as well as for business and easy step by step tools to enhance your life. Queenie Lang will be a place to come for your inspiration and motivational hit. So please sign up to be a member. I promise Queenie Lang will only send you information that will benefit and you'll truly enjoy. So. . . come on board and join this great opportunity!
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